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Tuesday Enrichment Program

Our Spring Tuesday program meets from 9AM- 1:30PM, providing students with both academic enrichment and social development opportunities. This program will meet 14 times in the spring semester from January 16th and end April 30th (no class on 3/19 and 3/26).

Daily Schedule


9-9:15- drop off

9:15- 9:30- morning circle

9:30-10:30- class 1

10:30-11:30- class 2

11:30-12- lunch

12-12:30- open gym

12:30-1:30- activity time


Class themes


Biomes of the world - Julia Godines
Come discover the different biomes of the world as we dive into the Tundra, Forests, Grasslands, and deserts. Over the course of the semester we will learn about the differences in climate, animal species, and plants in each ecosystem within these biomes. We will create biome travel journals to keep track of all we see, learn, and do. And each student will build their own biome diorama or biome survival kit that combines their creativity and understanding of the biomes we’ve learned about over the semester.


Maps, Geography and More! - Christine Lancaster

This semester we will dive into maps and geographic concepts. While studying different types of maps, elements of countries (population, politics, etc), and geographic terms, children will work individually and in groups to create their own continents and countries. As with previous classes, we will use the interests and knowledge of the group to determine our focus. Children will be given the opportunity to lead within the class.


Social Spotlight - Lynn Gilbersten

This class is centered on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), which aims to help students better understand their own emotions and those of others. We will regularly discuss topics such as feelings, identity, advocacy, leadership, friendship, mental health, and neurodiversity in intentional and affirming ways. Each class will include a hands-on activity that will focus on things like:


  • Making a feelings wheel

  • Creating our own “how do I feel today?” posters with real student faces

  • the power of colors and art-making to increase feelings of wellness

  • why the world needs all kinds of minds/neurodiversity

  • strategies for helping ourselves feel more regulated

  • fun and gentle movement and breathing exercises 

  • how to advocate for ourselves (and others!) and be aware of what we need

  • what it means to be a leader

  • setting goals

  • exploring human needs 


* Lynn has received SEL training from multiple schools and national organizations and led SEL steering committees at many Chicagoland schools.

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