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What age group is IPHG for?

IPHG offers classes for students ranging from preschool through school age. Each program and class specifies the age range. Be sure to look closely when registering.

Is this an all day program?

We offer a Tuesday Enrichment Program for school age students that runs from 9am-1:30pm. This program provides students with both academic enrichment and social development opportunities. 


We offer a Nature class for school age students on Wednesdays that runs from 10:30am-1:30pm. This program meets at different parks and/or forest preserves in and around the city.  


We offer a la carte classes for school age students on Thursdays. These classes are in various subjects and for various age groups. Students have class during the time slot specified for each class. Students are welcome to take multiple classes, but each class must be enrolled in independently. Students are welcome to stay for lunch (brought from home; 11:45am-12:15pm) if they have a class right before or after lunch time. If a student stays for lunch but does not have a course after lunch, they must be picked up promptly at 12:15.

We offer a Young Learners Program for preschool age students on Tuesdays and Thursday that runs from 9am-1:30pm. This program incorporates whole group lessons, small group centers, and play based experiences that will nurture your child's love for learning and play. 

Are classes drop off?

Yes. Classes are drop off unless specified otherwise. Parents should pick their children up at the end of the class session.

Does IPHG offer any extended care options?

No. At this time IPHG does not offer extended care options.

Can I drop off early or pick up late?

No. We have a 15 minute grace period before and after class to ensure drop offs and pick ups runs smoothly.

Are you a religious program?

While IPHG holds classes at a church, we are not a religious program and do not incorporate faith or religion into our teachings. We do, however, welcome all families regardless of faith or religious beliefs

Is the space accessible to all bodies?

The gymnasium is accessible to all bodies. There are no steps to enter the building. The front doors open into the gym and the two adjoining classrooms are both on the same level as the gym.


The Church is not accessible to all bodies. There are steps leading to and from the classrooms we use in the church.  

Does IPHG cater to a certain homeschooling style?

All homeschool styles are welcome! Each instructor will have his or her own style, which may incorporate one or more homeschooling methods. Please read the course description to get a better idea of how the course will be taught, or feel free to contact the instructor with any questions you may have.

Does IPHG work with charter schools?

At the moment we do not work with charter schools.

Can I pay later or in installments?

We offer multiple payments options available at checkout. To pay in installments, use PayPal.

Are materials included in the course fee?

Every class fee includes all necessary materials and supplies.

Is there a cancellation policy?

We keep our classes small to enhance learning outcomes. Because of this, it is important that our classes are filled up with students that are committed to the class.  If you have questions about a class, please contact us prior to signing up to make sure the class will meet your expectations.

Classes can ONLY be dropped within the first two weeks of the semester. 

There is a $65 fee if dropped within the first week of class.
There is an $80 fee if dropped within the second week of class.
The remaining balance after dropping will be refunded.

Classes CANNOT be dropped after the second week of scheduled classes. After the second week of scheduled classes no refund will be given. 

 To drop a class please email

IPHG reserves the right to cancel any class. In the event a class is canceled before beginning, a full refund will be given. In the event IPHG cancels a class after the class has begun, a prorated refund will be given.

What happens if a teacher is sick? 

In the event that a teacher is sick, IPHG will attempt to find a substitute for the class. If a substitute cannot be found, or if the class is highly specialized to the point that a substitute would compromise the quality of instruction, class will be canceled and a credit for the canceled class will be given.

Is there a discount for siblings?

A 5% discount code is provided each semester to be applied for any additional student taking a class within the same family or for any additional classes (more than one) taken by a single student.  

Who teaches the classes at IPHG?

Courses are taught by parents of IPHG students or organizational partners. Please look at the OUR TEACHERS page to read the bios of our teachers and the OUR PARTNERS page to learn more about our organizational partners. 

I am interested in teaching at IPHG, what should I do?

We welcome anyone who is interested in teaching! Please fill out our Teacher's Application Form letting us know what you are interested in teaching, as well as any relevant experience you have in that area. We will then contact you to set up an interview. Note that classes are often chosen based on need and demand.

Is training offered for teaching?

While IPHG does not currently have a teacher training program, we follow several steps to prepare instructors and ensure the quality of our classes. IPHG staff will meet with each instructor prior to teaching to help them prepare and structure their class. We also discuss in detail the expectations for our classes and different ways to facilitate learning.

Is there parking?

Yes. Street parking is available as well as a parking lot adjacent to the church.

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