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Behavioral Policy

Irving Park Homeschool Group prioritizes inclusion within our community. For this reason, we expect our
students and staff to respect various cultural and ideological differences, embrace various learning abilities
and interests, and create a safe space for our community to grow and learn together.


Our behavioral and conflict resolution policies are centered on positively reenforcing these values and commitments. Below is a list of student behavioral policies that delineate (1) expected student behavior, (2) steps to be followed in managing student behavior, and (3) consequences for prohibited behavior.

(1) Expected Student Behavior

  • Students respect all students, staff, and property at IPHG. 

  • Students treat all students, staff, and property with kindness.

  • Student makes responsible, safe choices.

(2) Steps to be followed in managing student behavior

In the event that a student does not follow the expected student behavior above, IPHG staff will:

  • Remind the student what is expected.

  • Discuss the behavior in question with the student.

In the event that the behavior in question causes excessive disruption or endangers others, IPHG staff will:

  • Notify IPHG upper management.

  • Ask the student be removed from their environment.

  • Have the student remain with IPHG upper management to discuss, manage, and document the behavior.

  • Contact parents.

  • Arrange a meeting with student, parent, and staff.

(3) Consequences for prohibited behavior

If a student is repeatedly disruptive to the point that it is negatively affecting the quality of the class/ program
and learning experience of the other students, and if no adequate resolution has been reached upon
consultation with the student's parents, IPHG may request that the student no longer attend the class/


​Reasons for removal from class can include:

    • Abusive language toward students and staff.​

    • Bullying (physical/emotional harm, intimidation, coercion)

    • Theft 

    • Vandalization of property

    • Possession of drugs or weapons.

    • Lewd gestures and acts.

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