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Terms and Conditions


We keep our classes small to enhance learning outcomes. Because of this, it is important that our classes are filled up with students that are committed to the class.  If you have questions about a class, please contact us prior to signing up to make sure the class will meet your expectations.
Classes can ONLY be dropped within the first two weeks of the semester. 

There is a $65 fee if dropped within the first week of class.
There is an $80 fee if dropped within the second week of class.
The remaining balance after dropping will be refunded.

Classes CANNOT be dropped after the second week of scheduled classes. After the second week of scheduled classes no refund will be given. 

 To drop a class please email

IPHG reserves the right to cancel any class. In the event a class is canceled before beginning, a credit to be applied for future semesters will be given. Credit will be for the value of the canceled class.

Please pick up your child up at the time the class is scheduled to end. If your child is staying for lunch, please inform the staff and be sure to pick your child up promptly when lunch ends at 12:15pm.


In the event that a teacher is sick, IPHG will attempt to find a substitute for the class. If a substitute cannot be found, or if the class is highly specialized to the point that a substitute would compromise the quality of instruction, class will be canceled and a refund for the canceled class will be given.

IPHG is open to all students irrespective of race, gender, nationality, religion, nationality, disability, familial status, or financial status.

All children must be in a class or the lunch room (gymnasium), or with their parent while at IPHG.


TEACHING AT IPHG:We are always looking for new teachers. If you are interested in leading a class at IPHG, let us know by filling out the Teacher Application Form on the Forms page under the MORE tab.


By signing your children up at IPHG, you release an covenant not to sue insurers, directors, officers, teachers, volunteers, and employees of IPHG or Irving Park Lutheran Church from and as a result of any and all liabilities, claims, demands, causes of action or losses that I/we may hereafter have fo injury or damages arising out of use of, or participation in, toys, garden or other objects on the premises. IT IS THE EXPRESS INTENT OF THE PARTIES THAT THE RELEASE PROVIDED HEEIN BE A GENERAL, FULL, AND COMPREHENSIVE RELEASE, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, AS TO EACH AND ALL OF THE RELEASES.

IPHG has my permission to use photographs taken of my child in a group of children in IPHG classes, on IPHG sites, and at IPHG events. I understand that the images may be used in print publication, online publications, presentations, websites, and social media. I also understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use. Children's names will never be used. If I do not want my child's picture used in any promotional form, I will inform IPHG via email at


Student must stay home if they have any of the following:

- Fever (100.4 or higher) - student can return when fever free for 48 hours.

- Vomiting - student can return after holding down food/water for 48 hours.

- Diarrhea - student can return after free from diarrhea for 48 hours.

- Stool containing mucus or blood, stool with a clay-like consistency or color (grey, white) - student can

   return when stool returns to normal for 24 hours or after a diagnosis from a physician.
- Unidentified rash that accompanies fever and/ or behavioral change (lethargy, loss of appetite, etc)

   and/or spreads quickly - student can return after diagnosis from a physician.
- Unidentified peeling, scaling, or cracking skin in/ around the hands, feet, scalp - student can return

   after diagnosis from a physician.
- Unidentified blisters or sores in/around the mouth, on the face, hands, feet, return to care after

    diagnosis from a physician

- Matted eyelids after sleep or discharge in the eye (white, yellow, green) - student can return after eye

   has returned to normal for 24 hours or after 24 hours on antibiotic eye drops (when applicable).

- Crust in and/or around the eye accompanied by redness, swelling in and/or around the eye - student

   can return  after diagnosis from a physician or after eye has returned to normal for 24 hours.

- Sore throat accompanied by any of the following symptoms- fever, rash, white/red spots on the back of

   the throat, inflamed/ swollen glands at the back of the throat - student can return after diagnosis from       a physician or after 24 hours on antibiotics (when applicable).

- Cough that accompanies difficulty breathing/ frequent wheezing - student can return to care after       

  diagnosis from a physician.

Covid Policy

  • If a student tests positive for Covid, that student can return to IPHG after 5 days from the onset of symptoms if symptoms are improving.

  • IPHG will follow the guidelines of the CDC in the event of future Covid outbreaks.

  • IPHG has the right to request any child wear a mask and/or be picked up if they have illness symptoms.

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