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This course can no longer be booked.

Science Explorers: Semester 1

10:30-11:45 AM (Ages 10-12) energy, geology

  • Ended
  • 305 US dollars
  • Irving Park Lutheran Church Gymnasium (diagonally across from church)

Service Description

IPHG is excited to bring you this science course from Quest in Science! This semester covers two strands of science: energy and geology. Strand 1: The Heat is On!: This exciting portion of the course by Quest in Science will educate students on the ENERGY of our world. We will explore various forms of energy: mechanical, chemical, electrical, radiant, sound, thermal and more. Students will work with materials provided in a special kit to conduct experiments and test hypotheses. This course is designed to stimulate a student’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm about science, as well as broaden their understanding of how the world works. Strand 2: Junior Geologist: In this portion of the class, students will become junior geologists as they explore the world of the Earth’s crust, rocks, minerals, and landforms. Our junior geologists investigate the layers of the earth, their properties, and how and why they formed. Students then learn the difference between rocks and minerals. They learn how the three main types of rocks are formed and how they change over time in a process called the rock cycle. They learn special characteristics of each, and become familiar with specimens of Earth’s most common rocks. Students spend several weeks studying minerals, learning the five characteristics of a mineral. They will then use these characteristics to determine whether different specimens are minerals or not. Students examine mineral samples and learn test procedures by which minerals are identified. Using an identification flow chart, students apply their knowledge of test procedures in order to identify a number of unknown common minerals. In a simulated mining experience, junior geologists learn about the pros and cons of removing rocks and minerals from the Earth. They examine the many uses of earth products. The students’ work is collected into a portfolio for them to share. * Cost of this class includes a material kit for each student. Note: While this class meets at IPHG, instruction is given virtually by trained science professionals. The instructor will teach via a large television in the front of the classroom. IPHG staff will be in the classroom to help the instructor facilitate the class. Week 1 9/8 Week 2- 9/15 Week 3- 9/22 Week 4- 9/29 Week 5- 10/6 Week 6- 10/13 Week 7- 10/20 Week 8- 10/27 Week 9- 11/3 Week 10- 11/10 Week 11- 11/17 Week 12- 11/24- No class Week 13- 12/1 Week 14- 12/8 Week 15- 12/15

Cancellation Policy

We keep our classes small to enhance learning outcomes. Because of this, it is important that our classes are filled up with students that are committed to the class.  If you have questions about a class, please contact us prior to signing up to make sure the class will meet your expectations.   Classes can ONLY be dropped within the first two weeks of the semester.  There is a $65 fee if dropped within the first week of class. There is an $80 fee if dropped within the second week of class. The remaining balance after dropping will be refunded. Classes CANNOT be dropped after the second week of scheduled classes. After the second week of scheduled classes no refund will be given.  To drop a class please email IPHG reserves the right to cancel any class. In the event IPHG cancels class is canceled before beginning, a credit to be applied for future semesters will be given. Credit will be for the value of the canceled class.

Contact Details

  • 4057 N Harding Ave, Chicago, IL, USA

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