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This course can no longer be booked.

Earth Science: Semester 1 (ONLINE)

3-4:15 PM (Ages 12-14) ONLINE Earth and its systems

  • Ended
  • 305 US dollars
  • Irving Park Lutheran Church Gymnasium (diagonally across from church)

Service Description

Note: This is an online class. IPHG is excited to bring you this science course from Quest in Science! This is the first semester of a year long course on Earth and its systems. The second half of the course will be offered in the spring and registered for separately. To better understand our Earth, we will examine the interaction among all its processes: the hydrosphere, geosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. We will take a hands-on approach to studying rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, mountain building, volcanoes, and earthquakes. We will investigate the powerful forces that shape the ocean shores and floors. We will study weathering and erosion and how our earth is constantly changing. We examine both the continuous rock and water cycles. We will also focus on earth’s natural resources. Students will learn how and why air moves and creates weather. They will create a model of our solar system to obtain a better understanding of the scale of the universe. Students will learn how to measure the relative distances to the stars and discuss the concept of time. To conclude our course, students will make a presentation on their favorite Earth Science topic from the year of which they have conducted further research * Cost of this class includes a material kit for each student. Class Dates: Week 1 9/8 Week 2- 9/15 Week 3- 9/22 Week 4- 9/29 Week 5- 10/6 Week 6- 10/13 Week 7- 10/20 Week 8- 10/27 Week 9- 11/3 Week 10- 11/10 Week 11- 11/17 Week 12- 11/24- No class Week 13- 12/1 Week 14- 12/8 Week 15- 12/ 15 About Quest in Science: Quest in Science is a dedicated team of experienced and trained teaching specialists, offering a rigorous and inspiring in school science enrichment curriculum for grades K - 8.  In each lesson, students are involved in hands-on experiments that challenge them to think critically, solve problems, learn teamwork, and discover the relationship of science to other subjects and real life. Students participate, learn, and carry their enthusiasm home with them. Quest in Science lessons encourage students to observe, measure, collect and analyze data, make hypotheses, and draw conclusions. Our student scientists learn that asking the right question is much more important than getting the "right" answers. 

Cancellation Policy

We keep our classes small to enhance learning outcomes. Because of this, it is important that our classes are filled up with students that are committed to the class.  If you have questions about a class, please contact us prior to signing up to make sure the class will meet your expectations.   Classes can ONLY be dropped within the first two weeks of the semester.  There is a $65 fee if dropped within the first week of class. There is an $80 fee if dropped within the second week of class. The remaining balance after dropping will be refunded. Classes CANNOT be dropped after the second week of scheduled classes. After the second week of scheduled classes no refund will be given.  To drop a class please email IPHG reserves the right to cancel any class. In the event IPHG cancels class is canceled before beginning, a credit to be applied for future semesters will be given. Credit will be for the value of the canceled class.

Contact Details

  • 4057 N Harding Ave, Chicago, IL, USA

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