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Amyie Kao Instructor

Hi, I'm Amyie!

I'm a mom of three adventurous and creative children.


Though I have a background in Biochemistry (BS), International Relations (BA), and Nutritional Sciences (MS), I have found nothing quite as delightful or intellectually stimulating as coming alongside my children in their learning journey.

I never imagined myself homeschooling and I am humbled by the privilege of seeing curiosity unfurl within my children as they explore the world around them.


Over the years, we have enjoyed finding beauty in the steadfast rhythms of nature wherever we find ourselves. Whether it is just outside our apartment stoop or down in the loop, by the art museum or the moss-lined crevices of our favorite local haunts, we have found joy in observing nature.


I hope to kindle an affection for the earth within your children through my nature study course with IPHG.


My writing and artwork can be found in the Wild+Free Content Bundles.

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