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Jessi Tejeda instructor

Hello my name is Jessica Tejeda but I go by Jessi.
I was a Waldorf teacher in my own school for 13 years, and I am currently working in a Montessori school as a Spanish language teacher as well as working in holistic medicine for women, and now with IPHG.

My own daughter was homeschooled till high school and it was a wonderful season of our life we love and miss. Now my kids are in college and my youngest one is in her senior year of high


I love teaching, it’s one of my passions. People of all ages, I love teaching from little kids all the way to adults. I currently run a women’s group, a youth group and teach early childhood.

One of the previous homeschool teenager classes I ran was ancestral Mexican cuisines. We had so much fun and learned a lot, from measurement of ingredients to fusion of foods and flavors.

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