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Justin Nordin cofounder and instructor

Hello everyone! I am so excited you have come to our webpage. It is my pleasure to serve as a cofounder of IPHG.


A little about myself. I hold a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Loyola University Chicago (LUC). I have several years teaching experience at the collegiate level, having taught courses on moral philosophy, metaphysics, and personhood.


During the pandemic I made the decision to homeschool my two daughters (ages 6 and 8). Since then I have immersed myself in the world of homeschooling. Irving Park Homeschool Group (IPHG) is the fruit of many conversations I have had with homeschooling parents over the last few years. Along with Julia Godines, I created IPHG to enhance the learning opportunities of homeschooling children in Chicago while creating a strong community of homeschooling families. 

I am currently offering a series of intro level philosophy courses for high school aged children at IPHG. These courses aim to prepare students for the kind of work they will be expected to do at the collegiate level, while also introducing them to the rich intellectual history that we are all part of.

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