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Shanti Kumari instructor

Shanti Kumari Johnson was born in Mexico City and grew up
between Canada, U.S.A., and Mexico to an East Indian,
Belgian, Norwegian, and Mexican heritage. Shanti has
worked as a simultaneous language interpreter for
conferences in most fields, courts for legal matters, medical,
as well as arts and entertainment. She has taught for Berlitz
Language School as well as privately and for extra curricular
programs in public and private schools.

Shanti’s son has been homeschooled all of his life and is
currently 13. He did attend a Montessori for half days in pre-
school. Shanti led some homeschool classes in Harrison Park
Homeschool Group, Mayfair Homeschool Group, Yoga and
Planting Arts Homeschool Program, Bridgeport Homeschool
and Culture Quest Rising.

She has also worked as a professional ballet dancer and
choreographer for various Companies and was nominated by
the Chicago Music and Dance Alliance for her choreographic
work. Her most current choreographic work was for the
theatre group Colectivo El Pozo, for the international Chicago
Theatre Festival 2022.

Shanti’s first book of poetry ‘Untitled’, was recognized by
Forbes Books as ‘New and Notable’.

Shanti understands that each language is a world of its own,
and thus the biggest aspect of learning a language, is
acquiring yet more compassion, empathy, and a greater
understanding of history.

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