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Lesli Santillan instructor

Hello homeschoolers! I’m Lesli, a fellow homeschooler and mom to 11 year old twins. We’ve been homeschooling since my children started kindergarten, with the mindset that we take it year by year. And, each year, we choose to continue our homeschool journey. I have a MA degree in U.S. History from DePaul University, and have taught a
variety of classes that integrated history with English Language Arts. Before having my twins, I was a teacher with the Alternative Schools Network in Chicago and the Los Angeles Unified School District. I was also an adjunct instructor for Harold Washington College and VanderCook College of Music in Chicago.

I have taught students from various backgrounds that struggled in the traditional public school setting. While teaching I quickly understood why the current education system doesn’t work for every child, and how children can attain their academic goals and reach their highest potential in a variety of ways.

My passion is encouraging students to work together and learn from one another, while making meaningful connections to their education. I enjoy teaching my children, and look forward to meeting other homeschool families, sharing teaching and parenting strategies, and making new friends.

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